Another item that must be on the table is the abolition of public-sector employee unions. The entire concept is ridiculous, a system that transforms taxpayers into serfs for a pampered aristocracy that hates them. Public employee unions produce a cycle of demand, despair, and violence that begins with fingers bitten off, and ends with murder by arson in the streets of Athens. Much of the loot from Obama’s $800 billion stimulus heist was used to pay off public unions. All talk of government “austerity” is meaningless babble until these organizations have been dissolved.

The titanic federal payroll surged with incredible speed under Obama, even as private sector employment crashed. This trend must be reversed, quickly and forcefully. A government reduced to playing Parcheesi with census workers to inflate employment figures has drained far too many resources from the private sector. Reducing government payroll will cause unemployment to rise in the short term, but releasing both workers and capital into the private sector is the only way to improve the long-term health of the economy. Those terminated government workers will have to live without their gold-plated benefit packages and bloated salaries, and they’ll need to make do with the same health-care options as the rest of us… but we will find good use for their talents, beyond the imagination of central planners.