BOB SIMON: As President, George W. Bush did something momentous that few of you may know about, something so momentous that it is saving millions of lives and generating goodwill for America around the world. Millions of Africans who`d been dying of AIDS are now living with AIDS, thanks to the Bush program. The U.S. is providing pills to more than two million people with HIV/AIDS, people who could never afford them and who were condemned to die. The medicine not only saves their lives, it permits them to live full lives. We went to Uganda, where AIDS has ravaged the country, killing more than a million people. And where Doctor Peter Mugyenyi, a pioneer against AIDS, told us how grateful he is to Americans for saving his fellow Ugandans.

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DR. PETER MUGYENYI: We thank sincerely the American people. They are the people who are saving lives. They are the people who can be proud that lives are being saved on this continent.

BOB SIMON (voiceover): President Bush created the program in 2004 with the bipartisan backing of Congress. Last year, Congress raised the funding to about seven billion dollars a year for the next five years.

You`ve called this the greatest aid effort in modern times.

DR. PETER MUGYENYI: Absolutely. There has never been a rescue mission, a mission of mercy of this magnitude that has produced such magnanimous results.