There is nothing that would be as salubrious between now and January 2013 as a big Timeout. Government at an unbreakable standoff – a Republican Congress, a lame-duck Obama in the White House – is just about the best thing that could happen to us. I would prefer to see Congress gut what it can of the Obama agenda enacted so far (we’ll find out soon if that includes nationalized health care), by hitting the executive agencies right in the budget. But I’d settle for just not making it worse, until we can get a new president into the Oval Office.

Just STOP. Stop with the tinkering, the regulating, the spending, the constituency-tending. Stop with the legislation so intricate, comprehensive, and intrusive that it’s necessary to prohibit over here what was implied or made inevitable over there – or vice versa. Stop with adding to the debt. Stop with making dozens of changes to the tax code every single year! Stop with haranguing the people about problems that aren’t at the top of their list – that aren’t even necessarily problems, much less problems government ought to somehow address – in order to justify bigger and bigger government.