The selectively thin skins of racial power brokers serve one other purpose, crucial to the collectivist cause: they make it difficult to talk about individuals at all. As Peter Beinart pointed out in the Daily Beast, Harry Reid’s clumsy comments about Obama are technically accurate. To refer back to my own point above, any Republican who makes a comparably accurate observation will be instantly vaporized. This has a corrupting effect on our discourse, by making people too nervous to speak clearly… and muddled speech leads to confused thought. Look at the Transportation Security Agency, which is forbidden to accurately describe what they’re supposed to be protecting us from, and therefore ends up protecting us from hand soap, shoes, Joan Rivers, and Michael Yon.

Tension and hostility are useful to collectivists, because they produce deference to the leadership. Individuals of any color are cautioned not to think too clearly about social justice, racial equality, or how they might achieve these things on their own. Instead, for their own safety, they are directed to seek the guidance of Big Government and its many deputies. Insurance policies against career immolation are available for politicians… at the low, low price of a few billion dollars of their constituents’ tax money.