I hope the new Contract With America features massive reductions in government spending as a centerpiece. The government must release its death grip on the private sector. Private industries grow, produce new products, generate wealth, and create jobs. Government-controlled industries are corpses that decompose at varying speeds. Why would the economy grow, and spur new job creation, if the private sector keeps contracting? Let the new Contract With America explain the staggering size of Obama’s deficits, and the radical explosions in government spending… then show how the two are related, and why they can only be reduced in tandem. Pledge that no new agencies will be created, and the process of trimming the fat from the bloated federal government will begin in earnest under Republican leadership.

The new Contract should shatter the ridiculous myths Democrats have been concocting about their failed policies. Purge America of the economic ignorance necessary to believe something like Cash for Clunkers was a success. Promise a full accounting for the billions that disappeared from Cash for Clunkers and the “stimulus” bill. Pledge the full and timely release of vital economic data, which Obama has gone to great lengths to conceal. Explain why the Post Office is not a model which the health-care industry should emulate.