Most of the things government can do to enhance private-sector employment are more accurately described as actions it refrains from taking. Government can do very little to “create” jobs, but it has an unparalleled ability to destroy them, far greater than even the worst natural disaster. When it does not use its destructive powers, the economy benefits. Of course, socialist government is defined by the job-destroying actions it takes. A casual glance at atrocities like the cap-and-trade bill tells us that job creation is far from the top priority of Democrats, and they insult your intelligence by claiming otherwise. Sadly, they are much more concerned with keeping jobs “green” than keeping them filled.

Job creation is the natural tendency of capitalism, which has countless ways to take advantage of the incredible resource offered by human beings. The free market sees everyone as a producer, consumer, and investment. Socialist governments see people as problems to be solved. The choice for Americans is between free, creative, exhilarating, and occasionally messy growth, or carefully managed decay. No act of political will can conjure jobs, or prosperity, out of thin air.