The Aggressor State goes berserk when its designs are frustrated. Obama is smart enough to understand the political value of his carefully manufactured aura of serene post-partisanship, so he hasn’t taken to pounding his podium and screaming “no, no, no” like Bill Clinton in the early 90s. Obama is utterly finished the moment his Joe Cool mask slips, and he knows it. He looked more confused than angry in the infamous press conference that ended with his thoughtless comments on the Henry Gates arrest. He couldn’t help making those comments, because racism – real or imagined – is the one thing he can get away with being nakedly angry about. The other leaders of the Aggressor State have already gone mad with rage, and the beating they’re going to take from their constituents over summer recess will probably make them crazier.

Some wonder if the mounting public opposition to ObamaCare will frighten the Democrats away from it. I think they’ll make a concerted push to ram it down everyone’s throat, rallying faint-hearted congressional Democrats with any necessary combination of threats and rewards. Nationalized health care is the decisive battlefield for the Aggressor State’s war on its citizens.