If there’s one positive attribute of humanity I’ve never lost any faith in, it’s the ability to discard useless things. The best way to make blind hatred seem useless to the vast majority of people is to make it senseless. That will never happen in a socialist nation, because tribalism is not senseless for people who depend on the favor of the State for prosperity, or even subsistence. One need only look at Europe to see how much ugly, murderous hatred bubbles in the state-subsidized cauldron of a permanent welfare underclass. The rise of the super-state has already divided Americans into too many warring factions…. and now the Left wants to give the State the power to dispense health care, throwing one more haunch of meat into the pit for the peasants to fight over.

Socialists like to taunt capitalists by saying the only color they care about is green. Hallelujah, and amen.