Letterman with the Palin Jokes – Letterman made an off-color joke about Sarah Palin resembling a slutty flight attendant (not funny) along with an extremely “controversial” remark about one of the Palin daughters. When taken in context… The joke was worth a chuckle. Letterman was under the impression that Bristol Palin (the older daughter) had been taken to the ball game and Letterman made a joke about her getting “knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.” Let’s face facts… Bristol has a bad track record when it comes to sexual responsibility and A-Rod is a notorious mimbo. Combine the two, and you’ve got some funny material to work with. Was it in poor taste? Like 90% of Letterman’s bits, yes. Is it hypocritical for a leftist to be holding a Conservative up to a higher standard of sexual morality? Of course.

However, Republicans (and the Palin family) tried to twist this quip into a joke about Letterman wanting to rape their underage daughter, which was subsequently followed by phony outrage.

I’m sorry “fellow Republicans”… But when will we get a clue? Before Reagan, we were seen as the party that couldn’t take a joke. The Gipper fixed that one for us. Now, however, because of silly Conservatives using political correctness as a fulcrum for political gain, we find ourselves right back at square one.