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Video: Not everyone thrilled with Woody Allen tribute

posted at 11:02 am on January 13, 2014 by

I’m not much of a fan of entertainment awards shows – I gave up the Oscars a few years back, and had never bothered with any others — so I missed the glitzy tribute to director Woody Allen. Diane Keaton, a former significant other of Allen’s, even did a song and dance, but at least two members of Allen’s former family took to Twitter to object. Mia Farrow opted for an oblique criticism of the presentation, but her son Ronan (who’s now a journalist) went more directly to the point:

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Ronan’s message was in reference to allegations of sexual abuse made by his sister, Farrow and Allen’s daughter, Dylan. Both he and his mother retweeted messages from others pointing to a Vanity Fair article that featured those allegations.

In 1994, a New York State appeals court judge ruling on custody of Farrow and Allen’s children determined the sexual abuse claims were inconclusive.

Shocker? Yeah, not really:

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