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Video: Rottenest fan of the year; Update: Or 2011

posted at 9:19 am on September 26, 2013 by

It’s about six weeks old, and it has 1.7 million views — and for good reason.  This is what happens when people refuse to grow up.  I’ve never been able to snag a ball at a baseball game, but I don’t think I’d steal one from a little kid to break my streak … and I wouldn’t high-five my seatmate after doing so:

It sounds as if the announcers tracked the little girl and got her a souvenir.  The stadium should have replayed that and showed the woman live on the screen to shame her out of the ballpark, but that would have to assume she was capable of shame in the first place.

Update: As commenters point out, this was posted in August 2012, not 2013 … and apparently took place in 2011. It’s getting a lot of attention today on Twitter for some reason, maybe because this kind of cluelessness is simply timeless.

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