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Will Tina Brown fire herself?

posted at 1:42 pm on September 6, 2013 by

Erik Wemple provides today’s serving of karma, which must have Howard Kurtz smiling:

Months later, after Kurtz tweeted out a story critical of Brown, she even chided him on Twitter, writing, “Hey @HowardKurtz am I forgetting something or didn’t I fire you for serial inaccuracy? Shurely shome mishtake as British hacks like to say..”

That was a bit of classlessness that simply wasn’t going to go unpunished. And now the journalism gods have spoken, via a correction that is available on NPR. It convicts Brown of the same offense — insufficiently careful reading — that got Kurtz in trouble. The correction is from NPR’s Renee Montagne:

In my conversation with Tina Brown yesterday, we discussed a New York Times Magazine cover story co-written by journalist Amanda Lindhout, who was kidnapped in Somalia and held for ransom for 15 months. Tina Brown told us that Lindhout gave birth as a result of being raped while in captivity. According to Lindhout herself, it is not true that she had a child. She dispels the rumor in writing about her experiences in captivity in her book, “A House in the Sky.”

I’m certain we’ll see that self-firing … soon.

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The left can never face their inadequacies. They must be correct, because.. well… SHUT UP!

Its how they react when caught in having their heads up their @sses, or in blatant lies. Its also how 5 year olds argue, and there you have the mental age average of liberals.

Tina will just blink several times, and this event will be passed and she will continue on as if nothing ever happened.

44Magnum on September 6, 2013 at 1:58 PM

Tina somehow always lands on her feet. There is always another once-respected publication for her to finally ruin.

Adjoran on September 6, 2013 at 4:20 PM

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