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Cairo court indicts ElBaradei for, er, resigning

posted at 10:53 am on August 20, 2013 by

To paraphrase Boromir from The Lord of the Rings: One does not just resign from a military-imposed Egyptian government.  A law professor from Helwan University filed a complaint against Mohamed ElBaradei for “breaching national trust” with his resignation — and a court has scheduled a trial:

A Cairo court has set a September trial date for Mohamed ElBaradei, the recently-resigned interim vice president for foreign affairs, on charges of “breaching national trust.” …

In his resignation letter, ElBaradei lamented the violent crackdown, warning of a “state of polarisation and grave division… the social fabric is threatened as violence breeds violence.”

According to the complaint, ElBaradei’s resignation gave the wrong impression to the international community, suggesting that the Egyptian government had used excessive force against protesters. “[This] contradicts reality,” the complaint said.

The court could decide to throw out the charges at the first hearing, but don’t expect ElBaradei to appear on his own behalf. He fled to Vienna after his resignation, and shows no particular urgency to return to Egypt.

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He’s always been a coward — not a bad thing considering his anti-Americanism.

blue13326 on August 20, 2013 at 11:14 AM

He fled to Vienna after his resignation

He wanted some sausages?

pain train on August 20, 2013 at 11:18 AM

I heard that ElBaradei was not going to resign until John Kerry counseled him to resign. I won’t defend the military’s possible prosecution of ElBaradei, but before ElBaradei signed up for the job he must have known that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to erupt in violence, and the military would have to counter violence with violence of course. But then to resign, at Kerry’s behest, was very questionable. So I can see why the military is upset, because they put a lot of stock in ElBaradei and then he betrayed them.

anotherJoe on August 20, 2013 at 2:28 PM