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No TEMS today; Update: FreedomWorks podcast about scandals, abuse of power

posted at 2:01 pm on June 4, 2013 by

I announced this on the show yesterday, but just in case anyone missed it, there won’t be an Ed Morrissey Show today.  Andrew Malcolm is on vacation — or so he says.  I personally suspect that he might be engaging in secret communications with important sources that will reveal deep, dark secrets about the inner workings of government, using the code name Creeping Remorse. Either that or he’s drinking mai tais in a tropical paradise and laughing his rear end off at us.  Six of one …

Anyway, since Andrew’s out and my youngest granddaughter is graduating from pre-school this afternoon — yes, they have a ceremony for that these days — I’ll take a day off from the show. I’ll be back tomorrow with Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham, whose code names are Lackadaisical Oversight and A Fifth of Transparency, respectively.

Update: Instead of my show today, how about my appearance on Kristina Ribali’s podcast at FreedomWorks?  Kristina and I discuss Scandalpalooza and the abuse of power in Washington that links  all the scandals together:

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