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The Embarrassment That Is CNN Situation Room’s Coverage Of Boston

posted at 6:01 pm on April 15, 2013 by

Wolf Blitzer took to the airwaves at 5pm Eastern time, about two hours after the twin bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Wolf brought on CNN contributor Tom Fuentes, who didn’t want to ‘speculate’ as to whether this was terrorism, but that if it was, certainly there are a lot of domestic terrorist groups like white supremacists and/or the Aryan Brotherhood.

Not helpful.

12 minutes later, former California Congresswoman Jane Harman said, while video streamed of the two different blasts, seconds apart, a block apart, we don’t know as of yet whether this was terrorism.

Also not helpful.

CNN, purportedly being a news agency, is supposed to be able to report the news. There is conclusive and persuasive evidence showing that this was a terrorist attack. Two explosions that closely timed at a public event isn’t a boo-boo. It wasn’t an accident. Some al-Qaeda type isn’t going to issue a communique later and say, “My bad, didn’t mean for that to go off there, we’re sorry.” It was a terrorist attack, and CNN is going out of its way to make sure they don’t jump to that conclusion.

But, if it were a terrorist attack, apparently CNN’s threshold for speculation is a lot lower, where they can immediately point fingers that it could be those crazy right wing white extremists.

It’s too bad the network’s systemic ideological disease is getting in the way of reporting the human drama unfolding before them in a responsible way. We grieve for the victims of the bombing, and for all the relatives of those involved. We are all from Boston today, and I say that as a lifelong Southern California sports fan. And believe me, that’s not easy to say. We should all grieve for the first day or two. But we should also rage that we were again attacked. We need to find out who did this, and once we do, may hell rain down upon their heads. In the meantime, CNN, how about doing your job? Report what we do know, and don’t report what we don’t know. Doesn’t seem too hard to ask, does it?

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