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Re: USPS Saturday delivery

posted at 3:03 pm on April 10, 2013 by

Good post, Erika, and count me among those mystified about the sanctity accorded to Saturday postal deliveries.  We don’t demand Saturday access to the DMV or other governmental services, and while the USPS is technically not a government agency, its inability to even make this call without Congressional approval demonstrates its nature. It’s not as if we simply won’t get the mail that comes on Saturdays now; we’ll just get it on Monday instead.

This is a microcosm of why we can’t produce responsible budgets.  Here we have a proposal that will actually cut costs and deficit spending within the USPS — not all of the excess costs, but around 15-16% of the shortfall — and will only impact a relatively unimportant level of service.  Every single piece of mail will still get through.  And yet we are so married to that unimportant level of service that we can’t bring ourselves to save $2 billion if it means we don’t get that card from Aunt Edna and the junk mail from The Useless Dead Tree Society on Saturday rather than Monday.

How successful can entitlement reform be if we can’t escape Saturday-mail entitlement?

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