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“It really is a sin to waste a good meat”

posted at 9:31 am on March 21, 2013 by

Whenever I’m in the car with my parents or siblings, it’s been a longtime little family joke to playfully shout out something like, “Oh, look — dinner!” when passing by some roadkill.

These guys just took that to the next level.

Elk, deer, antelope and moose: If Montana residents can scrape it up, they can eat it.

State lawmakers are poised to say just that after the Senate gave its initial backing Wednesday to a bill that would allow people to salvage roadkill for food. The measure is now a final vote from heading to Gov. Steve Bullock.

It makes no sense to let the carcasses of big-game go to waste on Montana’s roadways, supporters said.

“It really is a sin to waste a good meat,” said state Sen. Larry Jent, D-Bozeman.

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