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Ciao, Roma!

posted at 5:44 am on March 8, 2013 by

I landed in Rome about four hours ago, but since that’s pretty early for a hotel check-in, I am now writing this from the rather nice lounge of my hotel.  It’s within a mile of St. Peter’s Square, and since I was apparently harboring masochistic impulses after taking the hour-long drive to the hotel, I decided to walk down to Via della Conciliazione to pick up my press credential.  Amazingly, given all of the bad press that La Sala Stampa gets, that turned out to be incredibly easy, well organized, and quite friendly.

After nearly two-mile walk back and forth, I decided then to test my luck in buying a disposable cell phone.  That turned out to be a little more difficult, as the one man running the WIND shop spoke almost no English, and my poor Italian turned out to be useless.  Two other customers pitched in to do a sort of round-robin translation, and I now have an Italian cell phone number, which I hope I don’t forget shortly after installing the SIM card.

To kill time, I bought a quick lunch at a pizza booth.  Note to self: don’t ever do that again.  It wasn’t bad, and it was cheap (€3 for the pizza and a bottle of water), but I think I’ll reserve my taste buds for better examples of la cucina Romana.

At this point, though, I don’t think I want to venture out again without a shower, a change of clothes, and a chance to rest my feet.  More later, if and when I make it to the media center today.  First, though, I have to read the extensive rules about what I can and cannot do while I’m there.

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