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HHS: We’re re-branding, because “exchange” doesn’t translate into Spanish

posted at 11:58 am on January 31, 2013 by

The Obama administration already announced that they are ditching the term health-insurance “exchanges” in favor of “marketplaces” — a case in point of their many concerted effort to deceptively re-brand their central planning with terms that sound more free-market friendly — but a Health and Human Services official is now claiming that the administration is pulling the ol’ phraseology-switcheroo in order to make the system more approachable… for Spanish speakers.

“We’re going to use the word ‘marketplace’ because it actually makes sense to people,” Gunn said at a conference in Washington, D.C. “‘Exchange’ doesn’t translate to anything in Spanish, but ‘marketplace’ does.”

Effective language is vital to ensure that “the Affordable Care Act [is] real to people in this country,” Gunn added.

“We know that 12 million of the people eligible [for the law] speak Spanish, and one million more speak a language other than English or Spanish. These are the people we need to reach,” he said.

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