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“He stayed for about five minutes, and couldn’t leave fast enough”

posted at 5:56 pm on January 30, 2013 by

Oh, the self-defeating awkwardness of relentless panders that go awry:

News of President Obama’s apparently long-secret fondness for skeet shooting came as a surprise to those who say they have witnessed the president’s “awkward” attempts at pinging the (clay) pigeons.

This has only happened with the president at Camp David, at most, a couple of times, according to a source who says he has been to the retreat on a half-dozen visits with Obama.

“The only time he shot skeet was for President’s Cup,” said the source, referring to a shooting competition tradition involving the presidential Marine guards. “I was there. He stayed for about five minutes, and couldn’t leave fast enough.” …

The source said a friend of his recalled Obama skeet shooting one other time at Camp David — very early on in his first term.

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