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Rasmussen: Just 36% now identify as pro-life, 54% as pro-choice

posted at 4:28 pm on January 28, 2013 by

An obligatory follow-up to last week’s great debate over abortion polling. I would have put this on the main page if not for the fact that Ras’s cross-tabs are reg-walled, which means all we have to go on here is the topline data.

But the trend in that data is interesting. In January 2012, 49 percent called themselves pro-choice versus 43 percent who identified as pro-life. Eleven months later, as of a week after the presidential election, that six-point gap had more than doubled: Now it was 54 percent pro-choice and 38 percent pro-life. Today it’s 54 percent pro-choice and just 36 percent pro-life. Maybe that slight further dip among pro-lifers is just statistical noise vis-a-vis the last poll, but even if so, it goes to show that the Akin/Mourdock fiascos really did take a bite from the pro-life cause and may not be done biting yet.

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