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Inaguration crisis: not enough porta potties

posted at 12:01 pm on January 17, 2013 by

President Obama’s inauguration is Monday. The weather is expected to be crappy, but that isn’t the only thing. It turns out, the planning committee is going to supply inauguration attendees with only one third of the number of porta potties that were provided in 2009. Fewer people are expected to attend Obama’s second inauguration so obviously less bathrooms are needed but, this will still be a problem. More from the Washington Examiner:

Something stinks on Capitol Hill and it has nothing to do with usual suspect, Congress.

It’s more basic: There are going to be far fewer porta-potties at President Obama’s second Inauguration than his first. And while crowd estimates for Monday’s event are less than half the 1.8 million who flooded the Mall in 2009, the bathroom count has been cut by about two-thirds, meaning potentially long lines at the portable restrooms.

“It could be a pissy Inauguration,” said John Banzhaf, the George Washington University professor whose urgings in 2009 led to more porta-potties for the president’s first Inauguration.

Dubbed the “Father of Potty Parity” for his previous potty patrol efforts, he is calling for more facilities for the Inauguration.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee told Secrets that there will be a total of 1,500 porta-potties on the Mall, many by the Capitol where the crowds will be concentrated. There were over 5,000 in 2009, and some news accounts reported 7,000 porta-potties.

According to an online calculator of one of the two major firms supplying the restrooms, United Site Services, 3,400-4,300 porta-potties would be needed for the expected crowd of 600,000-800,000.

It’s going to be cold Monday. The cold weather, coffee and hot chocolate combined with a lack of facilities is bound to get frustrating and probably painful.

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