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Today on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, I’ll be talking with the National Review’s Kevin Williamson, largely about his piece from a few weeks ago, “Risk, Relativism And Resources“. It’s about risk tolerance or risk aversion, and what it tells us about peoples’ politics. And I think there are some lessons the GOP and the conservative movement need to learn tucked in there.

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And for those of you who need a good Second Amendment palate-cleanser – well, just click on the jump:

Stewart Mills helps run “Mills Fleet Farm”, an upper-Midwest-regional chain of stores that sells everything from farm supplies, truck and tractor tools, hunting and outdoors gear, cold-weather work clothes, hunting and fishing supplies, and of course guns and ammo.

And in this vid, he and his staff take on the gun-grabbers (specifically Minnesota congressman Rick Nolan and senators Franken and Klobuchar) on the relative deadliness of the common duck-hunting shotgun and the AR-15

Don’t mind the product placement (yay, capitalism); check out the comparative shooting.

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Not really a proper comparison. She fired the “AR” much slower than she could have. (She screwed up and fired one follow-up shot really quickly on the third or fourth target.) They also used 00Buck in the shotgun, not birdshot. And, of course, paper targets don’t show any information on the true effectiveness of the rounds. Oh, it’s a decent video, but it really doesn’t make its points well.

GWB on January 12, 2013 at 3:51 PM

GWB: the first woman fired the AR at a reasonable rate given the standing position. True, the second shooter was faster shot-to-shot, but she also missed one of her targets. As far as the gun-to-gun comparison it was a reasonable demonstration.

I thought the video did makes its points very well, aside from a minor beef about his hammering the 270 million extant guns, which is a discordant ‘gun-grabber’ soundbite in a pro-gun video. Simply put: the reason there are so many guns in this country is that there are an awful lot of people. Last I heard we were looking at 350 million Americans, so that is 80 million Americans who don’t have guns. Whole lotta unprotected people when you flip the numbers around…

SpikeRHSC on January 13, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Eh: 313 point something as of June of last year. Still a lot of Americans who couldn’t have a gun if we redestributed all of ’em…

Note to self: take a minute to google BEFORE you post, not after.

SpikeRHSC on January 13, 2013 at 5:18 PM

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