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Photographic proof from White House: Obama does, very occasionally, meet with women advisors

posted at 1:32 pm on January 11, 2013 by

Indeed he does. In fact, one of the best photos to trickle onto the White House’s Flickr feed since O became president involves him and a group of women. Remember that old WaPo piece about some of Obama’s women advisors objecting to the fratty atmosphere in the West Wing, with Anita Dunn going so far as to call it a borderline “hostile workplace”? Well, there’s a photo from the night that Obama met with some of them, allegedly to discuss their complaints. Let Time magazine’s Amy Sullivan set the stage:

Look at the senior women meeting with Obama in this White House photo at a dinner they called to discuss their invisibility. Look at their faces and body language. They are pissed off.

And now here’s the photo. See? He does meet with women.

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