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Alan Grayson already being very Alan Graysonish

posted at 4:35 pm on January 4, 2013 by

Teacups” is back, and his unhinged schtick hasn’t changed one bit.  AP’s been wondering which politician would be the first to float a House Republicans/terrorists comparison over the Sandy relief bill snafu; that “crisis” has been averted, but Grayson is never one to allow an opportunity for heinous demagoguery to go to waste, so he’s pre-emptively dropping the T-word it in advance of the debt ceiling brawl:

Well, they say it’s a device for them to extract concessions that they have otherwise be able to accomplish, that’s why it’s legislative terrorism. They’re using the debt ceiling as a means to cut Social Security benefits, cut Medicare benefits, cut unemployment insurance, cut anything of any use to any ordinary human being in this country simply because they want more money for tax cuts for the rich.

Lest there was any doubt, this little rhetorical chestnut was indeed dropped on MSNBC — although another network may soon be vying for Grayson’s creepy affections.  The people of Florida’s ninth district have chosen to return this cretin to the House of Representatives, so let’s recall the surreally sleazy ad he ran against Republican Daniel Webster (who remains in Congress, incidentally) back in 2010.  Over at Townhall, we produced our own attack ad against Grayson at the time, turning his own tawdry tactics against him:

America’s worst politician” served a two-year term in the political penalty box, captured the Democratic nomination in a different district, and won the general election in November — by a landslide.   But watch out for those caustic, “lunatic” Republicans, America.

UPDATE – I almost forgot to remind everyone that ‘Republicans = terrorists’ analogies are old hat on the Left, particularly within the context of bruising political fights over the government’s endless accrual of debt.  Grayson may earn points for instability and zeal, but none for originality.

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