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Sandy Hook and the revolt against death

posted at 2:01 pm on December 18, 2012 by

My friend Timothy Dalrymple went a little different direction in his post today about the Newtown massacre than I did, but ended up in about the same place:

The most fundamental metaphor God has given us for our relationship is the metaphor of the parent and the child. And if I feel this terrible revolt against death’s promise of permanency, I believe God feels it too. God brought us forth like a father brings forth children. In our best and truest moments as parents, we reflect just a little of the heart of God. And if my fatherly heart feels agony at the prospect of an everlasting separation from my children, if it cannot contemplate the death of so much joy and creativity and love without feeling a rising, roaring “NO!” de profundis, I believe the Father of fathers feels it infinitely more.

Which is why he defeated death.

Americans are moved by this mass murder even more than other cases, not only because of the number of the slain but because they were not movie-goers or even college students but little children. Americans are grieving as parents. We grieve because we imagine our own children’s or grandchildren’s little bodies pumped full of bullets like the lost children of Sandy Hook. And we grieve because we know the headline in my local paper this morning — “Message to survivors: You’re safe” — is simply not true. In this life, it never is.

We want to act, and we should. But there will be no sanctuary in changing policies or programs or even culture. We may reduce the frequency of these kinds of events. But we live in an age in which the ancient evil of the human heart will invariably find the modern means of ripping it apart.

I’ll be discussing this with Timothy on my show today, so be sure to tune in. He gets closer to the core of religious faith, while my column and post today touched more specifically on Advent and humility. But in both, we discuss the fallen nature of humanity, and the fact that it’s impossible to legislate evil out of the world, or aggregate enough power to ensure that evil befalls no one, even ourselves.

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This is why federalism is so important. The days of having laws based upon the Judeo-Christian heritage is over. We must realize that the electorate is willing to accept the Govnt in their lives as a father figure and guess what? Those values will now be based upon humanistic ‘values.’ Abortion for all, gay marriage, forcing your kids to go to public school, government run health care, etc

The only way we can secure some sort of legacy for ourselves is through federalism. This is entirely attainable. That way at the local level at least you may get some rational thought and you can decide where to live.

LaughterJones on December 18, 2012 at 3:09 PM

In American, we have killed 50 million of the most innocent lives in the last 30 years, since Roe v Wade, nearly every one merely for the sake of convenience. Can we honestly be surprised that this has lead to a culture of death?

fastphil101 on December 18, 2012 at 3:55 PM

I have a way to ensure that evil doesn’t befall me, and I carry it on my hip. If people who were in charge of our children were required to do the same maybe we wouldn’t be having this discussion. How many mentally deranged people would attack a school knowing that they would have dozens of armed defenders to deal with? It’s time to get real concerning our schools and stop attacking law-abiding citizens who only want to defend themselves and their families. Case in point: the gunman who killed people in a Clackamas, Oregon shopping mall ended up shooting himself when confronted with an armed citizen. Where were the armed citizens in Sandy Hook? How many children died because nobody was there to defend them? And will grabbing guns make it safer for those left behind?

HiJack on December 18, 2012 at 4:22 PM

A solution, humbly offered: Resolve to fight evil and the miserable ideas and urges which open the door to it. Support ceaselessly the ideas, morality and precautions which allow free people to defend themselves and the defenseless around them, and that means destroying tragically foolish concepts such as “gun-free zones”, endlessly equivocal rights for the mentally/criminally ill, etc.

Unless you can guarantee “evil-free zones”, stop fooling yourself about the nature of this world.

Signed, RT (A Lucky Columbine Dad)

BTW – Dave Kopel’s one sharp cookie. Read his latest here:

ronco on December 18, 2012 at 5:48 PM

Mental health can hardly be spoken without the wacko’s screaming “profiling”. They have been very effective pardoning behavior that would under ordinary circumstances cause concern. It’s with this ignoring that you and I will be threatened if we alert authorities to something that needs some immediate attention, and the dominos’ keep falling until something happens as it did at the school shooting. On investigation the shooter was mentally off but if you brought that to the attention of authorities beforehand the political correct people would be coming out of the woodwork and the media would be joining in too. Now we have the gun nuts claiming it’s the guns.

mixplix on December 18, 2012 at 5:50 PM

LaughterJones 3:09

My friend, you’re fooling yourself. You’ll will simply get the same problems at the state level.

And I might add, at the risk of offending you, with that attitude (‘the days of having laws…’), certainly no positive move can be made in that direction.

Think like a loser, get a loser’s results. Sucks, but that’s what it is.

avgjo on December 18, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Think like a loser, get a loser’s results. Sucks, but that’s what it is.

avgjo on December 18, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Tell that to the people banging their heads against the wall of Roe v. Wade with everything short of what actually MIGHT work (SCOTUS challenge) while the liberals pass laws, gain influence, and generally kick our tails.

It is not physically possible for us to restore the entire nation to sanity. At least half if not more of the population actually wants socialism and ‘free’ stuff. It would take decades to reverse this and we don’t have decades to do it.

“All or nothing” will get us nothing. So stop thinking like a loser.

MelonCollie on December 19, 2012 at 9:25 AM

avgjo – Melon is right, no one is saying to give up. It’s saying to look to what can reasonably be done. You have an electorate that is more interested in smoking dope, and watching Katy Perry than want to pay attention to their taxes or if they have gun rights, or if an ambassador is killed overseas.

The culture war is lost on this generation and will take years to overcome. However people generally do not like the idea of a large federal government with 16T in debt. Bring back the idea of staunch federalism and I think more people will approve of that. See Michigan and Wisconsin as of late.

LaughterJones on December 19, 2012 at 3:08 PM

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