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MSNBC Host Chuck Todd on gun rights: “That’s a different America”

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The entire landscape of political discussion shifted in less than 48 hours when it comes to 2nd Amendment rights this weekend, spurred in no small part by the President’s none-too-subtle injection of politics into what began as a testimonial and eulogy for those lost at Newtown on Friday. Before the sun had even risen on the eastern seaboard, the media was grinding out the discussion which many of us saw coming some time ago. You can bet that we’ll be having plenty to say on this subject at Hot Air this week, but let’s kick things off with a brief clip from the end of Chuck Todd’s Monday episode of The Daily Rundown. After the basic banter, his guests begin discussing how it must be an automatic given that people in America are already on board with significant changes to gun control laws. Chuck’s response – shown in this brief clip and transcribed after – lets you know what we’re going to be facing in the weeks and months to come.

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I understand this is a short clip, but the rest of the conversation was essentially about the “need for gun control change” now. To provide the full context, you are invited to watch the entire segment. But here’s the part we featured:

Emphasis mine:

Chuck Todd: … having this discussion in Washington. The question is, does it last after the New Year? It may last this week before Christmas.

Guest: There is clear public opinion … public opinion is behind it. People are behind it. This is the right moment…

CT: There’s public opinion in general and there’s public opinion in the Republican congressional districts. Which is a different America. Anyway, thank you all. Thank you for the short … there… we have a busy morning.

This is one short taste of what is barreling down the tracks toward us like a freight train. Among the many memes which will be hoisted up the flag pole is the idea that any of you toothless, southern, probably inbred hicks who still wish to cling to your guns are “from a different America” which is somehow out of step with what all good Americans should know after Newtown.

This is shaping up to be a tremendously difficult period for Second Amendment advocates, and we’ll have much more on the subject to come. This was just an opening volley.

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