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Ed, this isn’t the first, nor do I suspect it will be the last, MSM’er to begin the attempt to reestablish journalistic integrity after the successful cheerleading operation concluded with the reelection of Barack Obama.  Of course we saw Brian Williams of NBC News say, conveniently after the election, that now we can get back to talking about the economy.

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Jon Meacham, presidential biographer and former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, had a discussion of just how poor of a leader Barack Obama is. Joe’s co-host, Mika Brzezinski, wanted to defend the President just out of partisan duty, but really had no answer to what even the liberals in the media know – this President really isn’t a very good one. He’s just their guy, and now they have the unenviable task to carry the water for him for another term.

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It is the height of delusion to think that the liberal media is going to go against Obama or the democrats. In fact it is pathetic to see people on our side waiting for the media to be fair or become fair and once in a while they get all orgasmic because a liberal journalist said some mild criticism of Obama or the democrats… Please stop your delusions… The most powerful weapon in the liberal world is their media and without their media liberalism would not even exist… The liberal media is the only reason the liberals, socialists, and communists can win elections.

PS: Why do you call them the MSM (main stream media)? They are the Liberal socialist Media and to call them otherwise is not telling the truth…

mnjg on December 4, 2012 at 2:12 PM


Nutstuyu on December 4, 2012 at 2:23 PM

Own him Joe…. no whining

cmsinaz on December 4, 2012 at 2:24 PM

You’re not the only one who sees this for what it is. Like I noted in the other thread:

The media will stop openly covering for him soon, now that they’ve re-elected him. They need to start trying to reestablish credibility for the upcoming election, where they know they won’t have to cover for Obama, specifically. They’ve got four years to make the uninformed voters forget their constant Presidential jock-riding…

But here’s the interesting thing: the modern network news media only operates on 4-year cycles. They don’t pay much attention to midterm elections, where the informed voters come out to play. No, they only pay attention to the Presidential election. Much like how modern liberals don’t know how money and finance works, they treat their journalistic credibility as something to be saved, spent, and traded on, and this is going to become much more transparent and obvious now that access to information is so widespread and the media has, with the last three elections, thrown off the chains of objectivity and embraced the freedom of opinion.

This is what we’re likely to see going forward: After electing a liberal President, minor blogs and outlets will fawn upon their new overlord, while establishment media types know better, and attempt to build their credibility back up with the independent (not big “I” registered Independents, but low-information “above it all” know-nothing independents) crowd in the first two years of a Presidential term so that they can blow it all in the last two years of a term, reserved for primaries and campaigning. The vast majority of the electorate only has an attention span of about 18 months, so the two-year on/off cycle works real well for the liberal establishment media types as they can build up what they believe is some sort of journalistic credibility with the uninformed crowd, and regardless of how that crowd voted in the election two years ago, most of them are going to be blank slates when the next primary season begins, ripe for the programming.

Some Breitbartian thinking here: what if we managed to get the media to pay more attention to midterm elections, almost as much as they do the Presidential elections? Would they have to scale back their operations to one-year on/off cycles to build up enough goodwill among the people to reliably sway the electorate every two years? We’d have one year of somewhat thoughtful coverage post-election, followed by a year of partisan cheerleading during the run-up to an election, followed by another year of transparently “look at me, I’m unbiased” coverage post-election, followed by yet another year of riding the Democratic party’s jock like a rodeo competitor? That kind of two-faced schizophrenia is obvious and frequent enough to be well within the attention span of most low-information voters, which could lessen their effectiveness greatly in the long run. Just thinking out loud, here.

mintycrys on December 4, 2012 at 2:39 PM

mintycrys on December 4, 2012 at 2:39 PM

What you are saying is total delusions… It is really sad and pathetic that there are some on our side like you who believe that the liberal media the most powerful weapon in the liberal world is going to go against Obama or the democrats… The Liberal media is the only reason liberals and democrats can win elections…

mnjg on December 4, 2012 at 2:44 PM

What you are saying is total delusions… It is really sad and pathetic that there are some on our side like you who believe that the liberal media the most powerful weapon in the liberal world is going to go against Obama or the democrats… The Liberal media is the only reason liberals and democrats can win elections…

mnjg on December 4, 2012 at 2:44 PM

If you read what I submitted at all, you’d realize that they only “go against” Democrats to build up enough credibility with low-information voters to sway them in the upcoming Presidential election season, when they all start openly promoting liberal candidates. The media trustworthiness numbers are way, WAY underwater, and they’re no longer in a position to just push Democrats all the time without people just ignoring them, completely. They have to ask an occasional tough question or attack from an irrelevant angle to make people think that they care about providing news, at least for long enough so they can spend their most recently-earned “credibility capital” on the attempt to elect the newest Democratic Presidential candidate.

mintycrys on December 4, 2012 at 2:52 PM

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