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White House Aide: Gosh Darn These Republicans Are Racist

posted at 2:34 pm on December 3, 2012 by

NBC News chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, appeared on Morning Joe to drop a little ‘here’s what someone high up said to me’ nugget.

So a policy decision over the impact of tax rates cannot be dissented against in this country anymore, because it’s morally equivalent to owning slaves. The American left has thrown around the racism charge so freely that the boy hasn’t just cried wolf, he’s run full page ads, recorded infomercials, embedded blogads, and personally visited the residence of every American in the republic to make sure everyone knows there’s a wolf, that the wolf is a Republican, and that he’s racist.

Never mind the fact that the tax rate increases the left, elected Democrats and MSM, want will only raise around eight days of revenue out of a projected trillion and a half dollar deficit, and it will have a smothering effect on the private sector going into the new year. Forget about the fact that the President’s proposal last Thursday actually takes our deficit and makes it worse by increasing federal spending by an additional quarter of a trillion dollars. Having concerns about the executive branch having unilateral control over when and how much money this country can borrow, with no Congressional ability to check it? You’re dreaming. And you might as well submit yourself to thought police reprogramming if you hold the opinion that it’s a moral evil to take from those who have earned it in order to give it away to those who have not.

To this “very smart” unnamed White House aide, however, none of these reasons for opposition to the President’s plan are to be taken into account. A normal, rational person cannot look at the President’s plan and say anything but pass it unanimously. The only explantion for dissent has to be because of the color of the President’s skin or something.

Language continues to be the biggest victim of the culture war being waged in America 2012. If a Republican is in the White House, dissent is defined as patriotic. If a Democratic president is in office, and he happens to have a different skin color than all of his predecessors, dissent is redefined to mean racist. If a woman becomes president at some point in the future, and she is a Democrat, dissent will morph yet again into meaning sexist or misogynistic. Let’s hope that some day soon, we can go back to dissent being defined as patriotic again. That will mean that the country finally figured out there’s no wolf.

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