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Guy, I agree that Priebus did a good job in righting the ship.  I mentioned that in the post, of course, and it’s worth stating again that the reasons we lost the election don’t appear to be located in the RNC’s organizational efforts.  Priebus revitalized fundraising and helped keep pace with Team Obama and the DNC, which was expected to swamp out Republicans in this cycle.

However, J. C. Watts can address the issues that make us less competitive, and he needs an official role and structure to start that effort.  Perhaps the RNC might consider funding a somewhat-autonomous subsidiary to build permanent outreach into the cities, and start by identifying state and local candidates who can create, propose, and deliver creative conservative solutions for urban issues, such as unemployment, investment, and education — concrete and specific policies that will improve lives.  Watts would be an outstanding organizer in that kind of effort, or if not, perhaps Newt Gingrich would consider it.

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