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“Republicans are so screwed”

posted at 11:52 am on November 30, 2012 by

It’s difficult to argue with Matt Lewis on this point:

Democrats control the presidency, the senate, and the mainstream media. Elections have consequences; they hold the cards. Republicans control the House — just enough levers of power to allow them to be blamed for obstruction.

Republicans are so screwed.

The best way out of the trap is to hold out for a deal which delivers on real entitlement and tax reform, but that depends on getting concessions from Barack Obama.  His opening bid was so laughable that it might be the GOP’s only hope; even some in the media scolded Obama for it.

Unfortunately, even a deal won’t help Republicans in the short term, in part because the base seems to think that Republicans still have trump cards to play in this game:

This hasn’t stopped some conservative pundits from acting as if Republicans hold all the cards. But the notion that Republicans have leverage is silly. It’s the same kind of happy thinking that led some to boldly predict a Romney victory.

Look at it from Obama’s perspective. Would allowing the sequestration cuts to kick in be that bad? It would allow him to cut the U.S. military (and blame Republicans), make some much-needed spending cuts (without taking heat from his base), and — as a bonus – raise taxes!

You can understand why some people think the best way out is to vote “present” and let Obama get everything he wants — and then own the consequences.  And it may still come down to that.

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