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Video: Scarborough vs Klein on Susan Rice (Spolier… does not end well for Klein)

posted at 5:39 pm on November 26, 2012 by

A clip from today’s Morning Joe which should warm the cold, dark cockles of even the most Scarborough hating hearts. Time’s Joe Klein drops by the set and launches into a discussion of Susan Rice and all things Benghazi. A few of the highlight quotes from Klein:

Hamas are moderates…

There are no unanswered questions on Benghazi.

Chris Stevens “wanted a minimum of security…”

The talking points were accurate.

Anybody can call themselves Al Queda.

[the local extremists] are “the Crips”

After the initial Klein comments about Hamas being moderates, they cut to a quick clip of John McCain, but when they return the real fireworks begin at around the 2:45 mark. The series of gobsmacked looks and dripping, sarcastic comments from Scarborough in response to Klein’s incredible allegations are worth the price of admission alone. Click play and let the good times roll.

BONUS: Klein essentially calls Petraeus a liar for saying AQ was involved.

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