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The Apostle Barack?

posted at 5:21 pm on November 14, 2012 by

This is not, PJM’s Myra Adams warns us, a joke — or at least not an intentional joke.  Nor is this offered in an ironic sense, as in how the media has portrayed Barack Obama.  This epistle comes from a phys-ed professor at Florida A&M, who claims God told her that Barack Obama is the fifth Beatle, er, thirteenth Apostle:

Still think this is some kind of put-on?  Take a look at the Amazon page:

“Yes, Barack had worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, especially those who elected him in 2008. His followers needed to re-elect him to a second term, so that he could continue to accomplish the promises he made, thus, realizing his vision of America as a more perfect political union or “heaven here on earth.”

Then, as I began to contemplate ways to assist Barack in his 2012 re-election bid something miraculous happened. I felt God’s (His) Spirit beckoning me in my dreams at night. Listening, cautiously, I learned that Jesus walked the earth to create a more civilized society, Martin (Luther King) walked the earth to create a more justified society, but, Apostle Barack, the name he was called in my dreams, would walk the earth to create a more equalized society, for the middle class and working poor. Apostle Barack, the next young leader with a new cause, had been taken to the mountaintop and allowed to see over the other side. He had the answers to unlock the kingdom of “heaven here on earth” for his followers. The answers were repeated – over and over – in speeches Barack had made from his presidential announcement to his inaugural address. Those speeches or his teachings contained the answers to the middle class and working poor people living in a “heaven here on earth.” For when the answers were unlocked and enacted, Apostle Barack’s vision of America would be realized.

If you want to feel renewed confidence in America, though, be sure to read the comments on the Amazon site.  It has 25 reviews, all with one star … because you can’t choose anything lower, apparently. What’s most disturbing is not that this book is around, but that it’s authored by a university professor.  Publication standards seem to be slipping a bit in Academia.

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