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Reid: This Scott Brown guy is a highly partisan “travesty”

posted at 6:48 pm on November 14, 2012 by

“Moderates” (read: liberals) frequently claim that of course they’d be open to supporting Republicans, if only they’d nominate more moderate candidates.  Sen. Scott Brown is the ultimate moderate Republican, breaking with his party nearly half of the time and clocking in as the second most bipartisan Senator in the upper chamber,  according to Congressional Quarterly’s annual analysis.  He is the very embodiment of Democrats’ supposed ideal Republican: Socially moderate, fiscally more conservative — but flexible and compromise-friendly.  Which brings us to Harry Reid’s farewell message to Massachusetts’ soon-to-be ex-Senator (via my colleague Dan Doherty):

 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday he was “very comfortable” with the prospect of defending an open seat in his chamber should Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry be tapped for a Cabinet position, and slammed outgoing Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who would likely run to replace Kerry. “I saw during the campaign his plea for bipartisanship,” Reid said of Brown, who ran as a moderate and independent Republican willing to work across the aisle in his ultimately unsuccessful race against Elizabeth Warren. “That is a big joke.” “He is a travesty. He is one of the most partisan people that ever served here,” Reid went on.

Scott Brown: One of the most partisan members to ever serve in the United States Senate.  Related: It seems Harry Reid’s imaginary friend is off his meds again. Of course, the Nevadan Ninny– a vicious and mindless partisan par excellence — is simply priming the demagoguery pump just in case John Kerry gets roped into the second Obama administration, thus creating another special election opening for Brown.  My point here is not to suggest that the GOP shouldn’t recruit or support centrist candidates in bluer states.  They absolutely should; that’s smart politics.  My point is that at the end of the day, Democrats aren’t authentically interested in working with moderate Republicans, the paucity of whom is often the subject of media hang-wringing.  No, they’re interested in defeating all Republicans.  Scott Brown ran as a moderate, promised to serve as an independent thinker, and delivered on those pledges.  He lost handily on election day (despite a robust  job approval rating), and the Senate’s Democratic leader is kicking him on his way out the door.  Next time some liberal bien pensant  starts whining about the lack of bipartisan cooperation in Washington, challenge him on the Todd Akin vs. Elizabeth Warren dichotomy, then watch the sputtering spin unfold.

– I hope Chris Christie reads this post, and absorbs its message.

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