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Where were you in …. ’78?

posted at 11:22 am on November 12, 2012 by

Where was I in the summer of 1978?  I spent the summer with cousins in Lake Havasu, Arizona, as I had done for the previous few years.  It was the best summer of my youth, and unfortunately the last one I’d spend in Arizona. In 1979, I had a job and a girlfriend and was about to start my senior year in high school, and all of us moved on to other adventures.

Last week, I spent a little bit of time with my family, and we decided to celebrate New Year’s Day in Minnesota at our house by reconvening the Summer of ’78.  (The irony of celebrating a summer in the hottest place in the US by assembling in the winter in one of the coldest was not lost on us, either.)  We’ll be piled high with family, nostalgia, embarrassing stories of summers spent together as kids and teens, and hopefully more mirth than we can imagine at the moment … not to mention gaps in hot water.

So, it’s now my task to gather the movies and music of that summer to celebrate it at the end of the year.  Grease and Animal House are obvious selections for films (and The Swarm an obvious choice to avoid), while Steve Miller Band’s Book of Dreams comes to mind for music.  What do you recommend for a celebration of the Summer of ’78?  I’ll watch the comments closely for any and all suggestions ….

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