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Romney won young white voters

posted at 12:01 pm on November 9, 2012 by

AP’s already picked through the gruesome national exit polling from Tuesday.  I’d like to highlight one additional piece of data that is especially interesting: According to CNN’s figures, Mitt Romney actually won white Millenials (18-29 year olds) by seven points, 51-44, despite losing the broader demographic by 23 points.  (McCain lost young voters by 35 points in 2008).  Virtually all of Romney’s gains within this age bracket came from young whites.  He got absolutely demolished by young people of color; losing young Hispanics by 51 points, and young blacks by 83 points.  The specific age breakdown of Asian voters isn’t available, but Asians broke 3-to-1 for Obama overall, so an approximate extrapolation isn’t particularly difficult.  The demographic implications of Tuesday’s results are becoming increasingly obvious: Republicans simply cannot win elections without dramatically improving their standing and image among non-whites.  If they don’t, they’ll quite literally lose the future.

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