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For All You Fans Of Getting To The Bottom Of Benghazi…

posted at 4:45 pm on November 9, 2012 by

You’ve just been dealt a blow. CIA director David Petraeus has submitted his resignation, effective immediately, after it was learned that he engaged in an extra-marital affair. We certainly do not relish what he and his family will be going through now on a personal level, and we will always esteem him for the service he has given to this country, both here and abroad.

But what is disappointing, apart from discovering that another great American that was put on a pedestal by us has human failings after all, is that he will not be testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his role in the Benghazi affair. This is curious and troubling. From the outset of the Benghazi scandal, the intelligence community was blamed and thrown under the bus by Team Obama, and General Petraeus was one of the few who seemed to fight back, issuing a carefully worded statement that indicated no decision in the intelligence community chain was made, and no order was given, to stand down, essentially leading people to look elsewhere in Obama’s government for who may have given that order. I was among the early proponents of getting General Petraeus under oath, not because I believe he was complicit in the disaster that was our response to the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2012, but because the information he could share would be the lynch pin to learning the truth of who screwed up and why.

Now that General Petraeus has called it a career, and especially in this light, one of the star witnesses we were looking forward to in the weeks ahead is no longer an option. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I think chasing conspiracies are counterproductive. But I know our side, and where this is going to lead. The calls that this is all part of the cover-up, that Petraeus didn’t really cheat on his wife, this was all a calculated way of driving him out in order to keep him from making Obama look bad, all the nefarious reasons why this happened now and in this way, are going to spin this story in a very unhealthy direction. And that will be tragic.

What happened in Benghazi is not, and should not be able to be turned into the equivalence of birtherism and trutherism. Four Americans died under circumstances that aren’t yet fully known, and the American government, right up to the president of the United States, is on record for weeks afterward lying about those circumstances. The American people deserve better. The families of the dead deserve to know the truth. I’m just souring on the prospects that will ever happen without becoming marginalized as nutters.

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