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Elections Have Consequences

posted at 2:47 pm on November 8, 2012 by

As countless amounts of current workers in this economy are going to find out when they receive pink slips in the next few monthsWhether the company be small or large, the decision to gear up for the new American expansion or hunker down in cost-cutting survival mode for at least another four years is being made in boardrooms and offices all over the country.

A majority of voters decided on Tuesday they do not perceive the coming debt crisis and our short and long term economic health to be as big a concern as whether gays can marry, whether abortion on demand is in jeopardy, whether condoms should be free (and whether male porn stars should be forced to wear them),  and whether pot should be legalized. But business owners, being the successfully-demonized, greedy capitalists they are, their election season begins now.

 And their vote is really the one that people are going to feel in the months ahead.

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