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The country’s fiscal and international problems were not solved with last night’s narrow re-election of Barack Obama. But thanks in large part to the unceasing work of a sympathetic media serving as an unpaid arm of the Democratic Party, a majority of voters chose the path for which far too many alcoholics opt that invariably leads to their own destruction, and to the destruction of those around them. They fail to take the first step, which is to admit we have a problem.

A majority of voters last night do not recognize, yet, and probably will not, at least until a majority see the impact of Obamacare, the debt crisis, coming stagflation, and an increase in threats around the world due to our weakened foreign policy and emaciated military capacity. In short, we haven’t hit rock bottom. Unfortunately, the impact of the President’s policies the last four years may make that abundantly clear in 2016. But we as conservatives can’t count on that. We do have to take the first step to recovery in our own right, which is admit we have a problem, and that is messaging.

Whomever our standard-bearer in the next election cycle might be, that individual will face enormous challenges, besides what damage the Democrats do to the country on policy. The simple message of individual responsibility and achievement is no longer a winning message. It’s the right idea, but too many people are now rejecting it because they’re addicted to government handouts, and they’re convinced of a false promise that the rich carrying a bigger burden will lower theirs. But that’s not all. We have to face a demograhic reality that Mark Steyn has warned about, and go back to the drawing board on outreach.

The Democratic party will not run Joe Biden as the nominee in 2016. It will either be a Latino or a woman. We have to field a candidate who shares our common beliefs as a movement, but who would feel equally at home on Univision as they do on Fox News. We need to field candidate, at all levels of national office, who will not be so undisciplined in their messaging, they deliver a bludgeon to be used against them with women on the abortion front. We simply have to get smarter and better. The mainstream media will never clean up our mess. We will only get one chance.

I am not here to say here’s all the solutions to what ails the conservative movement. All I can say is I’m Duane Patterson, and I am a conservative. Or should be be Yo me llamo Duane Patterson, y yo soy conservador.

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