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CNN Polling: 2 + 2 = 11?

posted at 1:59 pm on November 5, 2012 by

CNN has decided to throw in with Marist and Quinnipiac for the ‘Which Pollster Can Be The Most Wrong” contest, funnily enough being decided tomorrow night as well. They’ve got the race tied at 49 all, but with a very interesting sampling number that stands out in their methodology.

Among those likely voters, 41% described themselves as Democrats, 29% described themselves as Independents, and 30% described themselves as Republicans.

You read that right. CNN, the night before the election, has a turnout model in their poll that is 57% higher for the President than it was four years ago. So the economy hasn’t improved, wages haven’t improved, energy production hasn’t improved, the Middle East hasn’t improved, Defense hasn’t improved, health care costs haven’t improved, the debt hasn’t improved, the deficit hasn’t improved, partisanship hasn’t improved, MSNBC’s ratings haven’t improved, Iran hasn’t been deterred from their march towards nuclear weaponry, and we’re still heading towards the entitlement fiscal cliff.

But CNN is happy to report that the country is no longer a 50/50 country, and that the spread in turnout Barack Obama got in all his hopeychangey glory is now half again wider? And the race is still tied?

By the way, Scott Rasmussen finished October with a report that shows party ID favoring the Republicans by 5.6%. That’s almost a 17 point swing from what CNN shows. Just a reminder for today and tomorrow. Do not let what a poll tells you cloud your decision on whether to turn out or not.

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