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Any good Gene Hackman movies to watch tonight?

posted at 2:36 pm on October 31, 2012 by

I’m suddenly in the mood for one:

Sgt. Andrea Dobyns told Albuquerque ABC affiliate KOAT-TV,”Our officers got a call from a homeless male who said he’s just been beat up by Gene Hackman. This male got up in his face, assaulted him.”

Police determined it was an act of self-defense, after speaking with both Becker and Hackman.

Dobyns explanined to KOAT-TV, “Mr. Hackman did slap the homeless male across the face.”

“This homeless male actually assaulted him and his wife, put him in fear for his life and his wife’s life,” Dobyns continued.

Don’t get too excited Hackman fans. Dobyns described Hackman’s blow “more like a slap than a punch”. Hackman isn’t that much of a bad ass.

At 82? That’s bad-ass enough for me — and Hackman had a real reputation as a brawler during his early years in Hollywood, too.  He may have let the other man off the hook.

Of course, I don’t endorse violence as a response to rudeness, and we should settle our disputes reasonably and rationally.  That being said … anyone up for The French Connection tonight?  The Package?  Company Men?  How about … Unforgiven?

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