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Rasmussen swing-state tracking poll …

posted at 11:25 am on October 27, 2012 by

… has Mitt Romney up 6 points, his highest lead ever in their poll:

In the 11 swing states, Mitt Romney earns 51% of the vote to Obama’s 45%.  Two percent (2%) like another candidate in the race, and another two percent (2%) are undecided.

Romney has now led for 10 straight days. This is his highest level of support to date in the combined swing states, up five points from a month ago. This survey is conducted on a rolling seven-day basis, and now most of the interviews for today’s update were completed after Monday night’s final presidential debate.

In 2008, Obama won these states by a combined margin of 53% to 46%, virtually identical to his national margin.

Their national tracking poll has Romney up four points, 50/46.

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