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Romney now 20 points ahead among independents in new ABC/WaPo tracker

posted at 1:31 pm on October 26, 2012 by

Yesterday it was 19, which was the biggest advantage since Reagan. Today?

Political independents have shifted as well, to a campaign record 58-38 percent, Romney-Obama. As with the other results, that reflects a move toward Romney among lower-income white independents and among independent men. Additionally, more conservative independents say they’ll vote, and prefer Romney.

One apparent impetus, as noted Thursday, is that independents are disproportionately likely to say their opinions of Romney improved as a result of his performance in the debates.

Thanks to a D+4 sample, he’s ahead overall by just one point after leading yesterday by three. Signs of a decline? Maybe not: Today Gallup has him back up by five, a two-point gain overnight.

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