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You’ve gotta get up early in the morning…

posted at 5:01 pm on October 25, 2012 by

But if you do, you’ll catch me on Morning Joe on MSNBC.  I’m scheduled to appear at 7:30 ET or so, which means I’ll have to get down to the studio by about 6 am CT.  I get up early as it is, since I live in the Midwest and we have to milk the cows and plow the north 40 and all of that.  I’ll still have to make sure I have a couple of cups of morning joe myself first.

Not sure what I’m specifically going to discuss, but I assume the topic will generally be about the election.  Should be fun.  I ran into Joe Scarborough in New Hampshire in January and he invited me to come on at some point, and it looks like tomorrow’s the day.

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