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Report: Al Qaeda-linked jihadists instigated 9/11 Cairo embassy assault too

posted at 11:36 pm on October 25, 2012 by

Potentially important for reasons explained here. The White House has come around on admitting that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, but they haven’t quite abandoned the theory that the attack was a hastily assembled, opportunistic reaction to the uproar over the Mohammed movie. Essentially, they’re grasping for some sort of “legitimate” grievance to explain all of this; if the Cairo embassy assault was sincerely inspired by popular outrage over the Mohammed movie, then the movie’s kinda sorta to blame for everything that followed later, including Benghazi.

Well, apparently, the Cairo assault wasn’t inspired by popular outrage. It was inspired by two jihadi degenerates, one with the surname “al-Zawahiri.”

The role of al Qaeda’s allies, including Musa, in the embassy protest was documented in a video released by Al Faroq media earlier this month. Al Faroq, which is based in Egypt, is not an official al Qaeda media outlet, but it clearly espouses al Qaeda’s ideology and frequently trumpets the terrorist organization’s message. Al Qaeda has also used clips from Al Faroq’s productions in its own official videos…

The Al Faroq video attempts to brand the protest as an al Qaeda event. And indeed pro-al Qaeda sentiment was rampant. Flags commonly used by al Qaeda in Iraq are shown throughout the al Faroq video. The protesters chanted, “Obama, Obama! We are all Osama!” And the Al Faroq video splices together footage of al Qaeda’s senior leaders with clips of the senior al Qaeda-allied jihadists at the embassy protest…

The video ties bin Laden to two men who took part in the embassy protest: Mohammed al Zawahiri, who is the brother of al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri, and Sheikh Tawfiq al ‘Afani, an EIJ leader who does not hide his pro-bin Laden views.

Mohammed al Zawahiri is shown at the embassy rally during the Al Faroq video. In fact, Mohammed al Zawahiri admittedly helped stage the Cairo protest.

As usual with these bursts of “outrage,” this one was a pretext exploited by Al Qaeda to serve its own Islamist supremacist ends. Bear that in mind if/when the administration once again starts pushing the idea that the Mohammed movie was the prime mover.

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