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My fond farewell to HotAir

posted at 1:42 pm on October 25, 2012 by

Some years ago, in a previous life (I seem to have had many), I was very briefly a writer-editor for a college literary magazine. In that capacity, I reviewed books old and new. When I completed my first assignment there, a critique of a novel, a friend jokingly asked, “Which one, Portnoy’s Complaint?” I was pleased to be able to answer with a straight face, “No, Howard’s End.”

Today, I announce with some sadness another Howard’s end. This will be my last day as a contributor at I expect to write at least one more column, but at the end of the day I’ll be off on new adventures.

I can’t begin to describe the pleasure I’ve derived or count the many great friends I’ve made in my three-plus years at the site. I like to imagine that in my time here I’ve provided at least a nibble for thought and elicited the occasional chuckle from readers. If it’s not obvious by now that my philosophy is “Laugh first, aim later,” then I have failed at the primary task I assigned myself.

I can say with conviction that I have received at least as much as I have given by way of ideas and insights, and I thank you all for your thoughtful and thought-provoking commentaries.

I won’t be going far, for those interested in knowing. I will continue to hold court, as I have done during my tenure here, across the Internet, at Examiner, where I write two political columns (one here and one here).

I hope you’ll stop by and visit. There’ll always be a light in the window.



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