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The Democratic National Convention, A Corporate Event

posted at 7:59 am on October 19, 2012 by

So, it appears corporate funds were spent on the Democratic National Convention.  Also known as Abortion Fest 2012, this gathering of leftists”relied on at least $5 million in corporate donations, despite repeated pledges by top party officials only to use money raised from individuals,” according to Michael Biesecker of The Associated Press.  Biesecker’s peice, which was published yesterday, also stated that:

Reports filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission show the convention’s host committee, Charlotte in 2012, raised $24 million, well short of its $36.7 million fundraising goal.

To help make up for the shortfall, committee officials spent $5 million raised directly from corporations to rent the cavernous basketball arena used as the convention hall. They spent nearly $8 million more from a line of credit provided by Charlotte-based Duke Energy Corp., the nation’s largest electricity provider.

Top Democrats, including Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had pledged prior to the 2012 convention not to raise money from special interests and to cap individual donations at $100,000.

The liberal anathema towards corporate influences was seen during the convention when the DNC referred to the Bank of America Stadium, as “the football stadium,” or more comically, “Panther Stadium” by Democratic communications staff.

Upon hearing of this development, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has remained silent.  Biesecker posted a follow up column yesterday afternoon where he quoted Ms. Schultz saying, “I haven’t seen the report, and I’m not familiar with the details of it…you have to speak to the host committee.”

At the end, Biesecker indicated that the Charolotte report listed that “donations were also accepted from charities funded by corporations, such as $100,000 from the Xerox Foundation.Also not subject to the Democrats’ ban on corporate donations were law firms, such as the $100,000 donated by McGuire Woods LLP.  In addition to being one of the South’s largest law firms, McGuire’s consulting subsidiary employs dozens of registered state and federal lobbyists. More modest checks came from the American Financial Services Association, which represents credit card and financial companies, and the senior group AARP. Both are registered as entities that lobby the federal government.”


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