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On 9/11/12, U.S. Marines Were Protecting a U.S. Embassy – in Barbados

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This hasn’t been a good week for the Obama administration, specifically the State Department, where Hillary Clinton is being thrown under the bus. Although, Allahpundit posted four reasons on why he’s skeptical of this maneuver.  We had the hearings  on the terrorist attack last week where Charlene Lamb, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Programs tasked with protecting American diplomats abroad, had trouble labeling the Libyan terrorists who carried out the attack as “terrorists.” Furthermore, she had the temerity to say that adequate security was allocated to the consulate on the day of the attack.  Does anyone else consider having 5 DS agents on a protective detail in a hot zone as unacceptable?

Concerning the repeated requests and rejections to beef up security around the consulate, it appears there could have been some redeployments of U.S. Marines to Benghazi.  My good friend Patrick Burke at CNS News posted a story last Friday detailing that on the day of the attack – U.S. Marines were deployed to the ‘very hostile nation’ of Barbados.  This was confirmed by the State Department.

‘U.S. Marine Security Guards serve at the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown, and at other diplomatic missions around the world, to protect and safeguard American diplomacy,’ Rebecca Ross, the U.S. Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Counselor for Public Affairs, said in a statement to

‘On September 11, 2012, our U.S. Marine Security Detachment carried out its regular duties which include providing internal security, preventing the compromise of classified information and equipment, and providing protection for U.S. citizens and property located within official U.S. facilities,’ Ross said.

On August 16, less than a month before the terrorists struck the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the U.S. Marine Security Guard Force in Barbados led a physical fitness test for young athletes.

The need to provide “internal security, preventing the compromise of classified information and equipment, and provide protection for U.S. citizens and property” in Barbados appears to be unnecessary since the nation’s Ministry of Tourism has noted a sharp increase of visitors due to the “natural friendliness and warmth” of the Barbadian people.

Yet, there wasn’t time to issue orders of redeployment of even think about such a matter.  As Leah Barkoukis at Townhall posted yesterday, the Obama administration seemed too busy fighting global warming.  She cited, which reported that:

Four days after the use of an ancient DC-3, along with other security requests, was being denied, on May 7, 2012, the State Department authorized the U.S. Embassy in Vienna to purchase a$108,000 electric-vehicle charging station for the embassy motor pool’s new Chevrolet Volts.

As Rep. Mike Kelly points out in a Washington Times op-ed, the purchase was a part of the State Department’s “Energy Efficiency Sweep of Europe” initiative, which included hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollarson green program expenditures at various U.S. embassies.

At a May 10 gala held at the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, the ambassador showcased his new Volts and other green investments as part of the U.S. government’s commitment to “climate change solutions.” The event posting on the embassy website read: “Celebrating the Greening of the Embassy.”


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