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Twenty Questions: Who is the person in these pictures?

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It goes to show you how far a little (or a lot of) makeup, a fresh “do,” and snazzy duds will go toward transforming a recognizable figure into a perfect (or imperfect) stranger (h/t The Blaze).

In order to play fair (and if you don’t, it’s only yourself that you cheat), you can examine the first two pictures in this slideshow. The third will give the answer away, as will scrolling further down on this page.

So if you’re still on board, let’s begin. Can you guess the identify of the female in Slideshow Photo 1? Hint: It’s not Laura Ingraham or Ann Romney. If an audio file accompanied this article, you would recognize the subject in an instant. Move on to Photo 2. Any clues yet?

Time to flip over all the cards. It’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz! The two images are from a “glammed up” spread of the Democratic National Committee chairwoman in the October issue of Vogue.

The makeover seems to be at least in part a reaction to insults Wasserman Schultz claims conservatives have hurled at her based on her appearance. “I’ve been the butt of quite a few right-wing applause lines in this election,” she wrote in a September email to supporters. “‘Not a lady.” Pictures of me with a dog collar Photoshopped into them. Getting directly attacked from the podium at the Republican convention.” If you’re a woman in politics, she added, “you need skin thicker than an alligator.” (Feel free to insert your own witty comeback to this obvious lob shot.)

Wasserman Schultz Director of Communications Jonathan Beeton defended the spread against criticisms, telling BuzzFeed:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz really is many working moms throughout the country. They are at their kids’ softball practice in a t-shirt and shorts. They’re at work in a suit. In the times that they’re able to go out for a special occassion, they can put on a nice dress.

It would be easier to empathize with the Florida congresswoman over the jabs she has received if it weren’t DNC standard operating procedure to assail women on the right. But Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, and other high-ranking Democrats have remained conspicuously silent when liberal males have treated GOP women like so much meat—this despite their self-professed championship of fair treatment for women.

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