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Obama spokeswoman: We don’t blame Bush for mess we inherited (from Bush)

posted at 2:19 pm on October 3, 2012 by

On Wednesday, the Obama campaign’s deputy manager demonstrated a remarkable talent. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Stephanie Cutter revealed that she is able to talk out of both sides of her mouth at once.

Asked about the “blame Bush” meme that has been a cornerstone of the Obama presidency almost from Day One, Cutter responded thus:

We’re absolutely not doing that. In fact, we’re taking credit for the 5.1 million private-sector jobs that have been created over the past four years despite being handed the worst economy since the Great Depression. We’re taking credit for the million jobs that were protected under the president’s efforts to save the auto industry and the increase in manufacturing jobs for the first time in decades. We’re not blaming our predecessor by any means, but we don’t think we should return to the same policies that crashed the economy. [Emphasis added]

Now if she can learn to repeat those words while drinking a glass of water and/or whistling, she’d really have an act! In the meantime, as she was making these bluntly self-contradictory observations, former Obama press secretary and current campaign adviser Robert Gibbs was a guest on CBS’s This Morning, where he took the opposite (read: standard) administration position, declaring it’s all Bush’s fault:

We had eight years of horrific economic decisions: Tax cuts for the very wealthy, Wall Street writing its own rules. It culminated in an economic disaster that took place about four years ago, of which we’ve had to dig out from each day of the last four years. [The “digging out” portion of his comments was a reference to Joe Biden’s latest attack of foot-in-mouth disease, prompting him to tell an audience that the middle class in America “has been buried the last 4 years.”]

Gibbs continued in the same vein, attempting to deflect criticism of Biden by adding, “Let’s be clear, the middle class has been buried for a lot longer than the time that we’ve been dealing with bad economic decisions from the former administration.”

The claim about eight continuous years of bad decision making is easily debunked. So is the assertion that George W. Bush was solely responsible for the economic collapse that continues to hobble the nation.

What is beyond debate is that the majority of Americans continue to blame Bush more than Obama for these economic woes. A Gallup poll from June found that 68% of respondents place a great or moderate amount of blame on the former president, while only 52% hold Obama accountable. After being fed a steady diet of “the buck stops there” courtesy of the Obama administration, is there any wonder?

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The cognitive-dissonance is strong in this one!

RoadRunner on October 3, 2012 at 4:11 PM